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Small controller and Brushless motor driver for MAXON motors


000620 Brushless Motor DriverThis microprocessor embedded control board is build around the ATMEL 89S8252 Flash microcontroller and has been specially designed for the control of commutated (brushless) DC motors. The use of rotor position (Hall) sensors are not required. The current rotor position is evaluated by using the back-EMF sensing technique. This signal is also read by the processor to keep track of the motor position.

Brushless motors have a permanent magnet rotor and a wire-wound stator. They are efficient and provide rapid acceleration, high speed, and smooth, quiet operation. The use of integrated power MOSFET stage produces a high efficiency level. Suitable motors are Maxon 200138(3W), 200141(12W), 200189(30W)
Based on the ATMEL 89S8252 Flash memory micro controller.

  • Onboard processor: allows sequence control.
  • Intelligent: can control all the function of a small machine.
  • Intelligent: can communicate or receive commands serially.
  • Single supply over wide input voltage range (+9 .. 19 V DC).
  • Complementary P and N channel FETs in half bridge configuration.
  • Regulated and adjustable speed control. (Analogue or Digital)
  • Speed monitor output.
  • Fast 8052 type microprocessor with Flash memory.
  • 5V Serial port and/or ISP.
Microprocessor Atmel 89S8252
Flash Standard 8kB (* optional up to 32 kB)
Digital Inputs 11 Inputs ( 8 can be used as input for BCD switches)
Outputs 3 Transistor outputs (600mA/5V)
1 Protected High Side FET 1.5A@ 24V
Motor Driver 3 Phase brushless motor driver NFET=5.3 A, PFET=4.0 A
Fuse Inrush resistor & resettable fuse
LED 1 Red status LED
Connectors Flex for motor, I/O 10 DIP, Power 2.5mm socket
Supply Voltage Single supply 930V DC
Dimensions 54mm x 84mm

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