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Flash microcontroller 6 Inputs + 8 Outputs + LCD + DC Motor control


000680 MicrocontrollerThe 000680 micro controller is perfectly suited to be used as a standalone controller for machine or process control applications. 

Build around a 8052 processor and ST SPD 1Mb Flash 1memory chip. For complex programs the board is available with 4 Mb Flash memory. Programs can simply be loaded into the controller via the RS232 serial port or JTAG port.

This control board has many versatile features including a small graphics display and a six switch operator keypad. (* Up to 7 keys). Input for Smartec digital temperature sensor. On board is a Bi-directional DC motor driver capable of delivering 3A.

The printed circuit board has been professionally laid out and fitted with robust removable terminals.  12V or 24V sensors can be directly connected to the removable terminals.

Microprocessor Philips 8052 @ 24Mhz
Memory Standard 1 Mb Flash (* optional up to 4Mb)
Battery SRAM battery backup 3V CR1616 
Communication RS232 (Rx, Tx, Gnd), JTAG
Digital Inputs 6 inputs 12V..24V DC
2 Interrupts @5 V
Outputs 8 Open collector transistor 0.5A Max each
Motor Driver 3 A continues ( 6 A peak - 220mS)
Keypad 6 Operator keys (* max 7keys)
LCD Small graphics LCD 100 x 32 (*available without LCD)
LED 2 Red status LED's
Connectors Removable terminals
Supply Voltage Single supply 930V DC
Dimensions 90mm x 74mm

Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

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