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Easy to use, Colour graphics control panel with I/O   1/4' VGA


KIT320F-8C Colour Graphics panelThe KIT320F-8C colour graphics kit is a fully assembled control and operating unit with a variety of integrated functions which means the unit can be put into operation immediately. The display has very compact dimensions and offers excellent super-twist contrast.

It is controlled via the standard RS-232 or RS-422 interface. In addition to complete graphics routines for display output, the graphics kit also contains a wide variety of fonts. Graphics command similar to those used in high-level programming languages are used for programming. There is no longer any need for the time-consuming programming of character sets and graphics routines. The ease of use offered by macros and input via touch panel make it a real power display. New ! Windows simulator available for download.

The graphics kit is designed for an operating voltage of +5V. Supply voltage of 9..35V is also available. The transmission format is set permanently to 8 data bits, 1 stop bits, and no parity. A transmission rate of between 1200 and 115,200 baud can be selected by means of DIP switches. RTS and CTS handshake lines are available.

The panel can be programmed by means of various commands. Each command begins with ESC followed by one or two command letters and then parameters. 


Pixel 320 x 240 Pixel with CFL Illumination, 16 Colours
Font Zoom Approx. 2mm up to approx. 80mm, 90 degrees rotating
Supply Voltage 5V or ( * Optional 9 ..35V Supply)
Serial Ports RS232 or alternative RS422, baud rates from 1200..115200
(DIP switch select) 
Programming High level language type commands
Straight line, point, Area, AND/OR/EXOR, Bar Graph..
Pull down menu's, clip board functions
Macros Up to 1380 Macros programmable (512kB Flash)
Touch panel Analog touch panel with 10x8 fields (anti glare, scratch resist)
Digital Inputs 8 Inputs (optional opto-isolated)
Digital Outputs 8 Outputs (optional opto-isolated) 
Analog Inputs 2 analog inputs 
Bezel Aluminum Black
Size LCD chassis 155 mmx 115 mm 
Size View  115 mm x 86 mm
Size with bezel  
Note:&nbp; NEW,  windows simulator
             (  Free download )

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Download PDF-File

PDF Manual kit320F-8e.pdf
Download simulator

Part numbers

KIT320F-8CTP Graphics panel + TP

EA OPT -9/35V * 9/35 V Supply

EA OFP320F-9SW * Bezel Black

EA OPT-RS4224 * Bezel Black

EA KV24-9B * Cable IDE to 9 Pin (FEM) 1.5m

EA OPT-OPTO16 * Opto-isolated I/O

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