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Large range of RS232 displays with optional touch















 DOG Super flat alphanumeric displays 


EA DOG 3V or 5V displays from

The EA DOG series displays and backlights has been specially developed for a +3.3V and +5V voltage supply. Unlike other displays this series allows you to select the display type and the backlight illumination.  This way many combinations and personalized effects can be created with standard components. Simply clip the display and the backlight unit together and up to 63 possible combinations are available. The alphanumeric displays are available in 1x8, 2x16, 3x16 or 4x20. we now also have the DOG graphic displays with 132x32, 102x64, 128x64, 160x104, 240x128 pixels

Each type comes in STN yellow/green, STN reflective, STN negative blue, FSTN blue, FSTN positive and negative. See selection table below. There is also a choice of 5 different backlights (green, red, amber, blue and white) and now also a full RGB backlight. See selection table or simulator software below.
Partnumber Type Display datasheet Controller Notes
EA DOGM081-A Text 1x8

Textdisplay 1x8,2x16,3x16


ST7036 4/8 bit, SPI, 3.3V..5V
EA DOGM162-A Text 2x16 4/8 bit, SPI, 3.3V..5V
EA DOGM163-A Text 3x16 4/8 bit, SPI, 3.3V..5V
EA DOGMS104-A Text 4x10/2x10 Textdisplay 4x10/2x10 SSD1803A SPI and I²C, 3.3V
EA DOGM204-4 Text 4x20 Textdisplay 4x20 SSD1803A SPI and I²C, 3.3V
EA DOGS102-6 102x64 - 1.7" DOGS102-6 UC1701 SPI, 3.3V
EA DOGM132-5 132x32 - 2.1" DOGM132-5 ST7565 SPI, 3.3V
EA DOGM128-6 128x64 - 2.3" DOGM128-6 ST7565 SPI, 3.3V
EA DOGM240-6 240x64 - 3.6 DOGM240-6 UC1611s SPI and I²C, 3.3V 
EA DOGL128-6 128x64 - 2.8" DOGL128-6 ST7565 SPI, 3.3V
EA DOGXL160-7 160x104 - 3.3" DOGXL160-7 UC1610 SPI and I²C, 3.3V 
EA DOGXL240-7 240x128 - 3.9" DOGXL240-7 UC1611s SPI and I²C, 3.3V 


  • Chip-on-Glass technology (STN and FSTN)
  • LED backlight in various colours 
  • 4 types: 1x8, 2x16, 3x16, 4x20 (Lines x Characters) and New Graphic DOG series
  • 12.0 mm, 5.6 mm and 3.6 mm character size
  • Very flat: 2.0 mm (display only) and 5.8 mm with backlight
  • Controller ST7036  with 4 or 8 bit and SPI interface
  • ST036 controller is instruction compatible with HD44780
  • SPI Low pin count interface
  • +3.3V or +5V Supply Voltage (Typical. 250 micro Amp)
  • No negative voltage required
  • LCD contract control, no pots or other hardware required 
  • Extended operating temperature -20 to +70 C
  • No temperature compensation necessary
  • 3...80 mA @ 3.3V or 2..40 mA @ 5V with LED backlight
  • Easy mounting, solder direct into PCB or use with socket FL20
  • Ideal for use in handheld and portable applications
  • Personal design effects with short delivery times 
  • BDOGTXT Stylish anti glare bezel with 5mm black border datasheet

Download complete datasheet for the alphanumeric DOG in PDF format  here.   

DOG simulator software, download from DOG display simulator for Windows

Download the DOG-Simulator and experiment with all combinations of backlights and DOG display technology directly on your desktop.  Free of charge software ! 

EA 9780-1USB DOG test board from




The DOG-Simulator software als interfaces to a USB powered test board. The EA 9780-2USB accepts all DOG displays. Any text or graphics dragged  into the DOG simulator software are show immediately on the display - without any development action. This is the fastest and most easy way to enter the DOG world.  36.00

Arduino UNO display shield for our DOG displays

Unpopulated Arduino shield for the popular EA DOG displays are now available. The support documentation includes circuit diagrams, EAGLE PCB layouts, component placements, initiation sequences and sample programs for operating the display on an Arduino Uno. Three different size shields are available. There is a display shield for the EA DOGM081-A (1x8), EA DOGM162-A (2x16) and EA DOGM163-A (3x16) with ST7036 controller. The 2nd shield is for EA DOGM132-A (132x32), EA DOGM128-6 and EA DOGL128-6 (128x64) graphic displays with ST7565R controller. The 3rd shield is for the EA DOGS102-6 (102x64) graphic display with UC1701 controller.

EA LED55x31-G
EA LED55x31-W
EA LED55x31-B
EA LED55x31-A
EA LED55x31-R

Display type Technology Backlight Display color when backlight off Recommended backlight

FSTN pos transflective

use with or without backlight

black on white

white, blue, amber , red


STN pos yellow/green transmissive

backlight recommended

dark green on yellow/green

yellow/green, amber

STN transmissive

usable  with backlight only


white, yellow/green

FSTN neg transmissive

usable with backlight only


white, red

STN pos yellow/green reflective

no backlight possible

dark green on yellow/green




New New New

Graphic DOG 128x64 and 128x32

with SPI interface

Note 1: Some of the datasheet are not in English. Contact MMS-e for assistance we are updating the datasheets continuously.

Note 2: replace x in the part number with:

  B: Blue background

  E: Yellow/Green 

  L: Yellow/Green (*)

  S: Black background

  W: White background


Download PDF-File

DOG datasheet

Bezel datasheet

Controller datasheet  ST7036

Part numbers & Prices


LCD 1x8, 11.97mm 5.57 (1-9),  5.35 (10-24), 5.13 (25 -99) Call for OEM prices


LCD 2x16, 5.57 mm 6.04 (1-9),  5.79 (10-24),  5.55 (25-99) Call for OEM prices


LCD 3x16, 3.65 mm 6.31 (1-9),  6.06 (10-24),   5.80 (25-99) Call for OEM prices


White LED Backlight 4.88 (1-9),  4.69(10-24) Call for OEM prices


Yell/Grn LED Backl. 1.51 (1-9),  1.45 (10-24),  1.43(25+) Call for OEM prices


Blue LED Backlight 4.18 (1-9),  4.01 (10-24),  3.94 (25+) Call for OEM prices


Red LED Backlight 1.51 (1-9),  1.45 (10-24),  1.43 (25+) Call for OEM prices


Amber LED backlight.  1.51 (1-9),  1.45 (10-24),  1.43 (25+) Call for OEM prices


RGB LED backlight.  10.68 (1-9),  10.25 (10-24),  10.08 (25+) Call for OEM prices

EA 9780-1USB

DOG Demo board.  39.00


Socket 4.8mm 1x20 1.12 (1-10)

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