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Embedded Graphic TFT displays with OS






These bezels give your product a sleek professional look. 

  • EA 017-xxU series (UL listed)
    The 017-xxU bezels are made of black ABS material and are UL listed (up to 100C, self-extinguishing, non-combustible) with scratch-resistant, structured surface. They contain a snap-in mechanism for mounting a wide range of windows with a thickness of 1mm. The windows can be easily replaced if required. The bezels are available without window (U) or with a clear glass (UG), anti-glare glass (UGE), clear acrylic glass (UK) or anti-glare Plexiglas (UKE)  window. 

  • EA 017-xx series (not UL listed)
    The bezels of the EA 017-xx series have a matt black, coated surface, not UL listed. The bezels have an undercut at the back for sticking on Plexiglas plates with a thickness of 1 to 2mm. The bezels are available without window or with a clear acrylic glass (K) or anti-glare acrylic glass (KE)  window. 

  • MS B162_63X15 is a snap IN bezel with a 63x15 mm clear window and module size of 96x56 mm. This bezel is ideal for a 2x16 display. Display modules with 84x44 mm outline screw directly to the bezel with 4 small screws. These 4 standoffs can also be used to fasten a PCB to the bezel.  This snap-in bezel is suited for a 2x16 LCD module with outer dimension of 84x44mm.
  • For full details of the MS B162_63x15 bezels download datasheet

    Picture 2x16 SnapIN bezel MS B162_63x15

  • MS BDOGTXT bezel This bezel is specially designed for the EA DOGM081, EA DOGM162, EA DOGM163 and EA DOGM132 displays. Anti glare clear window with a 5mm printed black border. High scratch resistant. Fitted on rear with 3M tape for fixing to enclosure.
  • For full details of the DOGMTXT bezel download  DOGTXTM datasheet

Picture printed bezel window for DOG display.


  • MS ST50001, ST50204, ST50100 bezel This bezel is designed for tough environments and fitted with an anti-glare scratch resistant window. A 20x4 or 100x32 display with fixing centre 93x55 mm fits perfect.
  • For full details of the MS ST5001 bezels download  datasheet

Picture printed bezel window for DOG display.


   For full details and drawing of the EA 017 LCD bezels download datasheet



Quick over view of dot-matrix and graphic LCD bezels 

Viewing area

External dimensions

Installation dimensions

E.g. for
LCD module

1x16 63.5x12.8 79.5x25.0 69.7x19.2 EA 7161-A EA 017-1U - EA 027-1KE
2x16 60.0x14.8 76.0x27.0 66.2x21.2 EA P162-N EA 017-2U - EA 027-2KE
2x16 63..0x15.0 96.0x56.0 96.0x56.0 EA W162B-NLW MS B162 -  
1x8 15.0x55.0 61.0x25.0 61.0x25.0 EA DOGM018 BDOGTXT    
2x16 15.0x55.0 61.0x25.0 61.0x25.0 EA DOGM162 BDOGTXT    
3x16 15.0x55.0 61.0x25.0 61.0x25.0 EA DOGM163 BDOGTXT    
1x32 131.5x13.0 147.5x25.2 137.7x19.4 (EA 7321) - EA 017-3 -
2x40 153.0x14.8 169.0x27.0 159.2x21.2 EA P402 EA 017-4U - EA 027-4KE
2x32 140.0x15.8 156.0x28.0 146.2x22.2 EA 7322-B - EA 017-5 -
1x16 98.5x12.8 114.5x25.0 104.7x19.2 EA P161-E EA 017-6U - -
2x20 81.5x17.2 97.5x29.4 87.7x23.6 EA P202-B EA 017-7U - EA 027-7KE
4x16 60.8x24.2 76.8x36.4 67.0x30.6 EA P164 EA 017-8U - EA 027-8KE
4x20 75.0x24.2 91.0x36.4 81.2x30.6 EA P204-N EA 017-9U - EA 027-9KE
132x32 15.0x55.0 61.0x25.0 61.0x25.0 EA DOGM132-5 BDOGTXT    
240x64 131.0x38.0 147.0x50.2 137.2x44.4 EA P240-6K2 EA 017-10U - -
1x40 243.0x18.0 259.0x30.2 249.2x24.4 EA 8401-B - EA 017-11 -
2x16 97.4x22.4 113.4x34.6 103.6x28.8 EA P162-B EA 017-12U - EA 027-12KE
4x40 145.0x28.0 161.0x40.2 151.2x34.4 EA P404-N EA 017-13U - EA 027-13KE
2x24 92.0x14.8 108.0x27.0 98.4x21.2 EA P242-N EA 017-14U - -
128x128 68.0x68.0 84.0x80.2 74.2x74.4 EA VK-2128 EA 017-15U - -
160x80 75.0x39.0 91.0x51.2 81.2x45.4 EA VK-5081 EA 017-16U - -
128x64 58.0x32.5 74.0x44.7 64.2x38.9 EA VK-2064 EA 017-17U - -
160x128 99.5x80.5 115.5x92.7 105.7x86.9 EA 7160-7K EA 017-18U - -
1x20 121.0x12.0 137.0x24.2 127.2x18.4 EA 8201-B - EA 017-23 -
2x20 121.0x22.0 137.0x34.2 127.2x28.4 EA P202-B2 - EA 017-24 -
4x20 121.0x41.5 137.0x53.7 127.2x47.9 EA P204-B - EA 017-25 -
1x20 145.0x17.5 161.0x29.7 151.2x23.9 EA P201-G - EA 017-26 -
2x20 145.0x33.8 161.0x46.0 151.2x40.2 EA 8202-C - EA 017-27 -
4x20 145.0x63.9 161.0x76.1 151.2x70.3 EA 8204-C - EA 017-28 -
128x64 37x60 84x87 Anodized Alu EA KIT129-6 EA 0FP129-6 - -
160x128 - - Anodized Alu EA KIT160-7 EA 0FP160-7 - -
240x64 - - Anodized Alu EA KIT240-7 EA 0FP240-6 - -
240x128 - - Anodized Alu EA KIT240-7 EA 0FP240-7 - -
320x240 - - Anodized Alu EA KIT320-8 EA 0FP320-8 - -
  • MS B162_63x15

  • EA 02-N, EA 03, EA 05, EA 08, EA 09, EA10, EA11, EA 50
    These are bezels for front panel mounting and have two screw pins.

Download PDF datasheet containing full details and drawings of all of the available bezels.




EL FOIL WITH psel-22 INVERTEREL Foils permit extremely even lighting covering areas from a few cm² to several hundred cm². They are very thin (approx. 0.4mm) and available in a wide range of colors. Standard EL foils are generally available in any quantity as of 1 item only.

Colors are blue and green except the white EA LF-08W. EL foils require an alternating voltage of 80-120V. This is provided from 5V with an EL inverter.

Since EL foils are subject to a certain aging process, a half-value period of 5,000 to 10,000 hours is specified for their lifetime. The foil is half as bright by the end of this period. You can download a detailed data sheet in PDF format here immediately. MMS-e can supply a wide variation. Our supplier Electronic Assembly stocks a minimum of 250 customer-specific EL foils in the size and color you specify. In order to respond to your inquiry, we need to know the following: external dimensions, color, quantity and batch size.


EL / CFL Inverters


EL inverters
EL foil backlights are operated with alternating voltage. The input voltage is 5V or 12V DC and the output  voltage is between 80 and 120V, and the frequency range is 50Hz to 1kHz.  The selection is made simply by calculating the area to be illuminated in cm².  A “large” EL inverter can thus also be used with a number of “small” EL foils.
The full (German) data sheet for EL and CFL inverters can be downloaded here in PDF format.

CFL inverters
Cold-cathode tubes work in essentially the same way as neon tubes; in other words, they require a few kV to ignite and 1-300V to operate. Here, too, a series-connected electronic circuit is required. These are available for supply voltages of 5V, 12V and 24V DC.
The full (German) data sheet for EL and CFL inverters can be downloaded here in PDF format.


  Note: Some of the datasheet are not in English. Contact MMS-e for assistance.

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