PIC control boards:
  Ami18 Board  
  Ami18 LCD Shield  
  Ami18 Graphic  
  Ami18 Proto Shield  
8051 control boards:
  R101 Gazelle  
  R102 Bongo  
  R103 Gazelle CP  
  R104 Impala  
  R105 Ethernet  
  R401 Design kit  
Motor control:
  000200 Motor Drv  
  000600 Motor Drv  
  000620 Brushless  




  The Ami18 development platform

Ami18 board,  Ami18 LCD Shield, Ami18 Graphic Shield, Ami18 Proto Shield  


 Ami18 Proto  Shield  

The Ami18 board can be fitted with the Ami18 Proto Shield. The Ami18 Proto Shield add flexibility for   your interface design.  In the prototype area the components can soldered in place and tested in no time.  Optional a solder less breadboard can be added so there is no need to waste components while testing the application.   

Other Ami18 boards: 

Ami18 LCD Shield, Ami18 Graphic Shield, Ami18 Proto Shield  and Ami18 I/O Shield.

Ami18 Proto Shield bottom view

Ami18 board and Ami18 Proto Shield

Ami18 Proto Shield with breadboard


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