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  R105 Gazelle Microcontroller

Low cost embedded controller 16 Inputs + 14 Outputs + Analog I/O + Ethernet


We are sorry that at this moment we can not guarantee further supply of this R105 controller. The R105 Super Gazelle™ Microcontroller is a compact, ultra high performance, low-cost embedded controller built around the new Cygnal™ 8051 50 MIPS system-on-chip processor. This C-programmable high-speed controller has digital, analog, and communications capabilities in a small footprint. The R105 Super Gazelle's compact design enables ease of use and versatile integration into any in-house or OEM application.

Available interfaces include digital, analog, Ethernet, serial, and high-current drivers. The standard Super Gazelle is packaged in a rugged metal enclosure with a large format 4x20 LCD and a 2x6 tactile keypad. The Super Gazelle also has an expansion port for additional I/O. Modbus support is available.

Microprocessor Cygnal™ C8051F124, 50 MIPS System-on-Chip
Program Flash 128K
SRAM 128K with battery backup
Data Flash Removable flash media
Digital Inputs 16 protected to 36V DC
Digital Outputs 14 sinking 500 mA / sourcing 350 mA*
Expansion Port 24 buffered universal I/O, compatible with Opto22™ racks
Analog Inputs 8 12-bit resolution, 0-10V DC, sample rate 100KHz
Thermocouple/load cell, 4-20 mA optional*
Analog Outputs 2 12-bit resolution, 0-5V DC, sample rate 100 KHz or 4-20 mA*
Timers 5 16-bit
Comparators 2 (shared pins with digital inputs)
Edge Detectors/PWM 4 (shared pins with digital inputs)
Ethernet 1 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet port with TCP/IP Stack and
Web interface, Embedded Web server
Serial Ports 3 (1) RS485 and (2) RS232
Programming Port JTAG
Real Time Clock Yes, with 2 alarm outputs, I˛C™ compatible
Watchdog Timer Yes
LCD 4 lines, 20 characters, large format. LED backlight*
Keypad Membrane, 2x6 matrix with hardware reset and legend insert
Connectors available* 52 screw terminals for I/O (pluggable screw terminals)
DE9 for RS232, RJ45 for Ethernet, 10 pin IDC header for JTAG programming port, 50-pin IDC for expansion port
Supply Voltage 9–30V DC / V AC
Power 3.5 Watts maximum
Temperature Operating: –10°C to 70°C     
Storage: –25°C to 85°C
Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions 6.30” x 4.40” x 1.05” (160mm x 112mm x 27mm)

Options include: LED backlighting for the display, sourcing high current drivers, and pluggable connectors. The Super Gazelle is available without enclosure, display, or keypad.

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