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Control boards:
  R101 Gazelle  
  R102 Bongo  
  R103 Gazelle CP  
  R104 Impala  
  R105 Ethernet  
  R401 Design kit  
  Motor control  
  000200 Motor Drv  
  000600 Motor Drv  
  000620 Brushless  
  Touch screens  
  Control panels with touch  
  Colour screens  
  1/4 VGA 320x240 control panel with touch  

  R401 Development kit

Quick start development kit for R101, R102, R103, R104 & R105


Only limited stock of this R401is still available. We are sorry that at this moment we can not guarantee further supply of this R401. The R401 Development Kit includes the following essentials to get you started programming your new R Series controller.

  • Quick start guide
  • Programming adapter
  • Programming interface cable
  • Power supply
  • CD-ROM, which contains
    • operations manual
    • software drivers
    • sample programs
    • Keil™ evaluation software specifically developed to support the Cygnal™ microprocessor. Software includes limited compiler, an assembler, and linker. Although the compiler, assembler, and linker are fully functional, the object code size is limited.
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