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Measure temperature of up to 4 temperature sensors. SMT160-30
Picture SMTAS04 with RS23 serial


This temperature board can be connected directly to a computer serial RS-232 COM port or USB port. Order the SMTAS04 for RS-232 port and  SMTAS04-USB for the USB port.

No power supply is needed.

The temperature of 4 digital sensors can be measured simultaneously and read out via a terminal program (Windows 95/98, Windows XP,  Windows NT, Windows 2000), or the data can processed by yourself using a simple program or script.

Accuracy, TO18 model, 0.7 C in the range from -30 C to +100 C and an accuracy of 1.2 C from -45 to +130 C.

If the measurement of more then 4 temperature sensors is required then use the SMTAS08 board. This board can read very accurately up to 8 digital temperature sensors.

Onboard the SMTAS04 is a low cost 8 pin PIC processor. For convenience a flowchart and source code of the processor software is included.

Temperature range 175 C (-45 to 130 C)

Picture SMTAS04  RS232 serial


  Picture SMT AS04-USB


The SMT-AS04USB has the FTDI USB interface bridge.  A simple USB software driver needs to be installed prior to installation of the SMT-AS04 USB. See manual.

Download PDF-File

Manual for evaluation board.

Installation for SMTAS04-USB.

Source code for PIC

Visual basic application

Part numbers &  Price

SMT AS04  31.25 (Qte 1) Call for OEM price 

SMT AS04-USB  33.00 (Qte 1) Call for OEM price

SMT AS08  48.80  (Qte 1) Call for OEM price

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