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These packaging  machines have been designed together with TS systems and MMS-e.

MMS-e has designed  the  electronic control system and optimized the software for max production.

The full range of machines are available for sale directly  from MMS Electronics Ltd


Top and bottom seal


ATS101 Fully automatic garment baggerAn automatic bagging machine with top and bottom seal, the most versatile machine available in today's market.

As the garment loads from the conveyor system, the machine automatically detects it, positions the bag, senses the garment length, top seals and cuts the bag to length, then transfers for bottom seal (without loss of production) and back onto the conveyor system. Adjustments can easily be made from the operator terminal to suit different garment types, coat hangers, seal types or bag lengths.

Automatic and fixed length bag sensing.
Quick bag width change to suit garment.
High production.
Easy loading of polythene.
Machine easy accessible.
End of roll sensing.
Preset programs different styles.
Integrated end sealing.
Energy saving impulse seal.
Touch pad operator friendly terminal.
Excellent price advantage over standard models.

  Watch TS101 automatic garment bagging video 

See also the semi-automatic range TS10

Capacity 820 to 1000 garments / hour 
Bag length  170 cm max.  (* option for longer length version)
Bag width 75 cm
Seal type Angle and straight seal selectable
Air requirement 6 Bar
Electrical supply 440V/380V AC, 3ph +N + E
Power 1kw
Dimension 160cm x 190cm x 285cm

Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

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