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These packaging  machines have been designed together with TS systems and MMS-e.

MMS-e has designed  the  electronic control system and optimized the software for max production.

The full range of machines are available for sale directly  from MMS Electronics Ltd


Semi-Automatic, Top and bottom seal


BF1 Multi-pack garment baggerA semi-automatic over-bagging system that creates a safe environment for transporting set packs of garments.

The set pack of garments are collated and moved below the sealing head. The polythene is released, allowing it to be pulled over the garments. The bag is clamped top and bottom, sealed above the garment and the bottom of the bag detached.

The complete pack is released, allowing it to be pushed through the machine. Adjustments can easily be made from the operator terminal to suit settings.

Designed to fit over existing railing system.
Uniform quality.
Lots of poly saved compared to tying a knot.
No more unsightly knots.
Clean and strong seal.
Hanger taping option.
Operator friendly control terminal.
MMS Electronics reliable control system.
Modifications to suit customer needs.
Excellent price.

Watch video of BF1 overbagger

See also the fully automatic range ATS101
See also the semi-automatic range TS10

Capacity 300 - 360 garment packs / hour 
Bag length  170 cm max.  (* option for longer length version)
Seal length 90 cm
Air requirement 2 cfm at 60 psi
Electrical supply 240V AC, 2ph +E
Dimension 240cm x 112.4cm x 85cm HxWxD

Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

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