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Measurement of resistors, capacitors, bridges,
Direct connection to micro-processor input.


The Universal Transducer Interface (UTI) is a sensor-to -time signal converter, based on a period-modulated oscillator.

Full sensor solution on chip..

Sensing elements can be directly connected to the UTI without the need for extra electronics to interface all different sensor type.

The UTI provides interfacing for:
  • Capacitive sensors 0-2pF, 0-12pF, variable range up to 300pF
  • Platinum resistors Pt100, Pt1000
  • Thermistors 1 KOhm-25 KOhm at room temperature
  • Resistive bridges 25 Ohm-10 KOhm with maximum imbalance +/- 4% or +/- 0.25%
  • Potentiometers 1 KOhm-50 KOhm
  • Combinations of the above mentioned

The UTI can operate in 16 different modes.

To obtain accurate results in any of the modes, one reference element of the same kind as the sensor is required. Note that this reference is already included in resistive bridges, so no external components are required in this mode.

In the exactly same way as the unknown sensor signal is measured, both a reference signal and a internal (constant) offset are measured during two additional phases. Continuous auto-calibration of offset and gain of the complete system is then achieved by processing these values (time signals) by micro-controller software. The output signal of the UTI is very simple and has discrete amplitude (VDD), so it is compatible with any type micro-controller.

Up to 8 capacitiors can be read with one UTI by using our MUXC01 multiplexer..

UTI Evaluation board

The SMT-UTI evaluation kit is designed for fast and easy development, with your sensor application in mind.  Sensor data is transmitted via the serial port to the PC. Data can be read from a serial program or with the supplied Labview application. All 16 modes of the SMT- UTI are supported and can be selected from the PC.  Source code for the PIC processor used on this board is also supplied .  Learn more

MMS-e Smartec UTI Development board

Many application notes and samples available.

  Typical applications
Typical 4 wire (PT100) measurement.
Multiplexing 3 resistors.
Resistance bridge measurement.
Bridge resistance measurement with temp. compensation .
Multiplexing 3 potentiometers.
FET / Resistance quality inspection.

Capacitive measurements.
Capacitive level sensing.
Capacitive people or item detection.
Capacitive wash basin water flush.
Capacitive seat occupancy detection.
Capacitive oil quality inspection.
Capacitive distance measurement.
Capacitive touch control.
Capacitive drying, moisture detection.
Capacitive reversing sensor.
Capacitive non-contact light switch.
Capacitive seat occupancy detection.
Remote measurement systems.


16 pin DIP and 18 pin SOIC.

Download PDF-File

Sensor Datasheet  

Smart multiplexer for multiple capacitor measurement

Humidity + Temperature measurement with UTI, RS232 output. Flowcharts with software algorithm.

Temperature measurement system for legal applications including software for PIC micro.

Fact sheet on possibilities of UTI.

Application note book on UTI.

Accurate measurement of DC Voltages with UTI

Startup guide for measurement of capacitors with three signal technique

Accurate measuring the phases of the output signal.

Long distance sensors on UTI. Especially long cables PT100/1000 measurement.

How to connect 8 PT100 element to one UTI (concept).

Measuring thermocouple voltage with UTI and analog multiplexer.

Pressure sensor interface for the UTI.

Part numbers & Price

SMTUTI-DIL  7.51 (1-24),  4.80 (25-99)

SMTUTI-SOIC 7.50 (1-24) , 4.80 (25-99)

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