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2x16 Serial text Display EA SER162-BNLW

2x16 Serial text Display EA SER162-BNLW

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Serial text display (blue-white) 2x16 (9.66mm character height) with RS-232 interface and LED backlight. Incl. on/off comand. Various baud rates, addressable. Display comes with frontal bezel. Option for RS-422 or serial TTL level.

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Total Width 122
Total Height 44
View area width 99
View area height 24
Thickness 29
Status In production
Backlight Colour white
Char X Line 16
Char Height 9.66
Background Colour blue
Current Backlight Off (mA) 0
Current Backlight On (mA) 0
View Angle 6:00 / bottom view
Display Technology STN blue
Pixel Size Y 1.1
Pixel Size X 0.92
Operating Temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Controller EA
Active 1
Fonts 1
Touch Type 0

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